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At The Anthony House, Jake’s Place, Michael’s Place, & Colin’s Place we want our residents to feel safe and comfortable. Residents at all locations are given a degree of personal freedom and comfort in order to rehabilitate their lives on the journey to recovery.

We want you to feel welcome and supported with our program. If you have any questions or comments you would like to share with us, just let us know. We want to make sure you find the right fit for your recovery.

Sober Living Opportunities

The Anthony House locations provide sober living communities for men in Maplewood, White Bear Lake, & St. Paul, Minnesota. It is a place where men who have gained insight from treatment and meetings can put this new knowledge into action.  Because when you begin to understand the underlying causes that led to your addiction, for instance, sobriety may feel like an accomplishment. However, as many people who have struggled with alcohol and drugs can tell you, there is often a gap between knowing and understanding the reasons for addiction. A person with an alcohol or drug addiction takes a huge, and important step, when he begins to understand why he developed the addiction. But understanding alone is not enough. Understanding must be accompanied by empowerment, so you can create a new reality which can fuel a new and healthier lifestyle.

Support to Empower you to Learn to Live Drug and Alcohol Free

The importance of community is a critically important part of creating that new reality.  The Anthony House locations are comprised of men who are committed to living a sober life. And the support that is provided by the other residents is a driving force behind the progress made for the entire group.  As a result a sense of community is achieved when the individual members who compose it are committed to the common philosophy.  Our philosophy is based in creating a life in which sobriety is a core value.  One of the many reasons why our sober living homes have been so successful is that we help our residents see the importance of community. Our residents soon grow to feel a sense of common purpose, which further empowers them to make the changes that are necessary to getting and staying sober.

The Anthony House, located in Maplewood, MN, Colin’s Place, located in White Bear Lake, and Jake’s Place and Michael’s Place (both located in St. Paul) are supported by the Minnesota Association of Sober Homes (MASH).  The mission of MASH is to ensure that sober homes in Minnesota promote sobriety through a community focus.  Further, MASH works toward the establishment and maintenance of exceptionally well-managed sober homes.  All four of our sober homes subscribe to the MASH mission. So our residents can therefore take added comfort in the knowledge that our sober homes are supported by the larger network of sober homes best practices.

Male Sober Living Communities MN

Our sober housing provides more than just living space for our residents to prioritize their sobriety.  The creature comforts of our sober homes help our residents feel relaxed and comfortable. And this is not because they come to us for vacation, but because the hard work of becoming sober requires relaxation, interpersonal comfort, and decreased stress. All to help deal with the demands of making sobriety a core value of our residents’ lives.    Discovering what led to a life negatively affected by addiction and then creating an action plan to achieve and maintain sobriety is hard work.  The Anthony House community serves as an often irreplaceable support system for the individuals. It’s them who must do the hard work of understanding motivations, changing mindsets, and activating self-esteem. They must do this so that sobriety can become a permanent component of their lives.

The lessons you have learned about yourself may be difficult and painful to come to terms with. You must do this work and recognize that you deserve to enjoy a life of sobriety.  And The Anthony House can help you. Call us 651-334-2395 for more information or to tour one of our locations.

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