Halfway Houses Explained

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Halfway Houses ExplainedA halfway house is a type of transitional living situation that can help addicts transition from treatment into society. Treatment facilities and recovery centers are great places to safely detox from drugs and alcohol and get the help necessary to live a sober life. However, in-patient treatment centers can be like their own world – and that’s done on purpose. The goal of them is to take you out of the environment where you abused drugs or alcohol and help you detox, learn recovery skills, and get the help you need. But that means that sometimes it can be difficult for people leaving treatment to go back into the world. That’s where a halfway house comes in.

A halfway house gives you a safe and sober environment to start living your new lifestyle. You get to take all the lessons and skills that you learned in treatment and put them into action, but in a guaranteed sober environment. While halfway houses may have a negative stigma associated with them, you might hear other terms used such as sober living homes, but they are very similar.

Structure Of Sober Living

There are varying degrees of structure for halfway houses. They all have rules, but some are stricter than others. For example, structured sober living homes tend to have strict schedules and more rules than your standard sober living or halfway house. And then you have Oxford houses that are self-run with set sober living home policies. No matter what type of halfway house or sober living you enter, there is one huge requirement: staying sober. On top of that, everyone must participate in chores, adhere to curfews, attend meetings (12-step meetings and therapy sessions), and hold a job or interview for one.

Halfway House Benefits

There are many benefits that halfway houses can provide as you start your entrance into the world sober. It

● helps transition addicts from treatment centers back into the real world
● is a safe, sober place to reside
● promotes accountability through programs, therapy, and others living in the space
● fosters a community you can lean on when things get tough
● offers structure that you will be able to carry with you when you leave
● allows access to programs such as the 12-step program, individual therapy, and group therapy

Sober Living At The Anthony House

Not all halfway houses are going to be the same and it’s important that you choose one that aligns with your goals and is going to help set you up for success. Before choosing a sober living environment, decide what you are looking to gain from it, do your research, and compare different options. Our sober and clean housing community offers a quality way to live a sober and clean life, and the way to get there is with a great support system. At The Anthony House, Jake’s Place and Michael’s Place we do not implement mandatory exit dates and our residents learn the benefits of taking more responsibility over their actions. With great amenities, we provide the tools for structured living so our residents can return to a normal life. Call Director Dan Maher at (651) 334-2395 to schedule a tour of our homes today.


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