Male Sober Living CommunityThere are many sober living options available to those who are looking to live more clean and sober lives, and it can be a challenge to find the best fit for your needs. The Anthony House is different than most, and we believe that our approach is more effective because of these differences. The first and maybe the most noticeable difference between The Anthony House and most others is that we are not run like a military boot camp. We do not require our residents to turn over all their possessions during their time with us. That kind of approach has its place, of course, but our approach is designed to help our residents regain sobriety by first feeling comfortable with their surroundings and having the chance to develop trust with our staff and the other male residents who are on site.

Feel Comfortable In Your Surroundings At The Anthony House

This degree of comfort can make you feel more at home and make you feel more ready to address the issues that have complicated your life. Our residents have the option of having a single room or sharing a double room with another resident. In addition, we provide creature comforts, like access to TVs, laundry facilities, a fully stocked kitchen, communal space, and of course the beauty of our grounds in Maplewood, MN. We believe that the combination of those amenities, the commitment to clean and sober living, and our attention to structure offers our residents the best possibility for understanding what they need to do in order to reclaim their lives.

At The Anthony House, we emphasize self-awareness as the tool for making meaningful change in your life. Understanding your past experiences and their impact can go a long way toward helping you reach a status of clean and sober living that will last. Self-awareness is not the only goal – you must also take responsibility for your actions. Taking responsibility for mistakes you have made and/or trouble you have experienced should not be a punishment, but a way of identifying what you must do in order to make being clean and sober permanent components of your new life.

St Paul Minnesota Sober Living Community For Men

Getting clean and sober is not easy work, but it can be extremely rewarding work. Being in the presence of other people who have had similar experiences—and sometimes very different experiences—allows you to view your own choices through a new lens. The change in perspective, in combination with our unique approach may be exactly what you need. Call 651-334-2395 or submit the form on our website with any questions.


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