Recommitting To Recovery

Feb 10, 2022 | Sober Housing, Sober Relationships | 0 comments

Recommitting To RecoveryThe fact that you are recommitting means that you understand the depth of your addiction. Instead of feeling shame about your mistakes, look at them squarely and identify what you need to do to avoid making them again. Of course, saying that you want to recommit to your recovery and doing it are two very different things!

Start Attending Meetings Again

When you first get sober, it’s easier to fully throw yourself into attending recovery meetings one or more times a week because you’re strongly motivated to stay sober. Going to regular meetings is a great way to recommit to your recovery and receive support and accountability in the process. It’s never too late to start going back and your sober community of peers will welcome you back with open arms.

Set Goals For Yourself

A good way to stay motivated is by setting small, achievable goals that you know you can get done. For example, if you want to re-work the Twelve-Step program, you can say, “I will read the Big Book for 15 minutes each morning.” and set aside that time every day to work the steps. Another goal could be finding a new sponsor or reconnecting with your old one by making a single phone call.

Be Of Service To Others

Whether you choose to take a newly sober person under your wing and become a sponsor, help with setup and teardown at meetings, or volunteer at your local food pantry, giving back is good for your mental health, boosts your self-esteem, and may help you develop a mindset of gratitude in recovery.

Clear Your Space Of Potential Triggers

It’s hard to focus on your recovery and stay committed when you’re surrounded by triggers that remind you of your past addiction. Take the time to look around your home, office, and car to remove any objects that remind you of your drug or alcohol-abusing days. If you find that certain relationships are consistently pulling you away from your recovery goals and sobriety, you may also need to remove certain friendships from your life too!

Get Support

Having a strong sobriety support network is essential for your long-term success in recovery. If you need help getting back on track, consider enrolling in an in-person or online intensive outpatient program or a sober living program, where you’ll receive personalized support and live in a structured sober home.

Recommitting To Sobriety With Sober Living In Maplewood Or St Paul

The caring professionals at The Anthony House are here to help you recommit to a life of sobriety! Whether you’ve been sober for six weeks or six years, we’re here to help you get back on track and achieve long-lasting sobriety. Call us at (651) 334-2395 to schedule a time for a tour of our sober living facility.


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