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Safe Supportive Sober HousingThe word ‘together’ is prominent in our description of the way we approach our work with men who are looking to regain their sobriety. ‘Together’ is a deliberate word choice because it reinforces that something as precious as sobriety can only be regained with the support of others who have firsthand knowledge of the process of losing it. The Anthony House provides the space in which healing happens and our staff sets the tone for the men who reside here in their effort to restore some, if not more, of what they lost to addiction. New residents to the Anthony House are welcomed, challenged, sometimes confronted, and always supported by our staff and residents who have been here for a while.

Support For Those Battling Addiction

The motto of the so-called Band of Brothers–the men of Company E, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne during World War II–was, “We stand alone together.” This means that the uniqueness of their experiences meant that only they could truly understand each other’s responses to them. The battles fought by our residents are not all that from those of the Band of Brothers. Addiction takes place not in war, but in the smaller circle of an individual’s life.

Making sense of the difficult experiences is best done with others who understand what you have been through, and that is what we provide for the men who reside at The Anthony House. Everyone who uses our services has the experience of losing their sobriety, surviving it, and then realizing that they need the help of others who understand to regain their sobriety. The parallels between the experiences of men who want their sobriety back and the people who return from war are clear.

Minnesota Sober Living Community

Addiction robs us of so many things that are valuable in our lives. Addiction causes the loss of jobs and careers, sometimes the places we hold in our communities, and what is common to all of those losses is relationships. The individual who develops a dependency on a drug or alcohol has an uphill climb to overcome that addiction. But it is the repairing of relationships that are damaged by the addiction that is often the steepest part of that climb. We understand that it is far easier, and more meaningful, to do that work together. For more information, call us at 651-334-2395 to learn more about our Minnesota sober living communities for men.


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