Sober Living As A Step Toward Addiction Recovery

Apr 29, 2022 | Sober Housing, Sober Living | 0 comments

Sober Living As A Step Toward Addiction RecoveryAddiction can quickly become a serious issue. When the environment around you makes it easy or tempting to give in to dangerous habits like drug or alcohol use, it can be exceedingly difficult to break an addiction. This is precisely why sober living homes exist — to remove you from a potentially dangerous location, allowing you to detox and pursue recovery in a safe environment.

What Is Sober Living?

Sober living is defined as a treatment location that acts as a transitional home between inpatient addiction detox/treatment and normal, everyday life. Depending on the level of care determined for each client, the residential sober living home might offer any level of supervision, from frequent monitoring to the occasional check-in. However, the main similarity between all sober living facilities remains consistent — all residents are required to maintain sobriety.

Traditionally, halfway houses are homes for individuals who are either homeless and looking for a temporary living situation, or for those who need a home after time in jail and or treatment. Halfway homes are focused on helping these people reorient themselves into everyday life, by giving them tools to find jobs, create budgets and reunite with family. While sober living facilities do provide temporary housing, they are more focused on helping individuals maintain sobriety after addiction treatment. They focus on helping clients create healthy coping mechanisms and game plans when they encounter temptation in the “real world,” emphasizing the freedom of living soberly. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in a supportive community while you work toward freedom.

Importance Of Sober Living

For many, returning to a safe, sober living environment after addiction treatment is not a reality. In fact, many clients are faced with an entire rewrite of their lives post treatment, which is no small undertaking. Sober living homes are incredibly important because they offer a secure, safe, and sober environment after treatment. Most sober living homes allow residents to stay for as long as necessary, provided they adhere to house rules and positively contribute to the community. This can be critical in the success of one’s recovery — remaining in a healthy, structured community until their confidence and determination is strengthened.

Considering Sober Living?

A life of sobriety can be better than you ever thought possible. It can be yours! Start your sober living at The Anthony House. Part of our mission is to find the right fit for your recovery. We provide you the necessary tools for structured living so you can return to a normal life. At The Anthony House, you will learn to use the tools that you are taught in treatment and meetings to build a foundation for a healthy, sober, and clean lifestyle. Contact us at (651) 334-2395 today to schedule your tour!


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