Success After Sober-Living

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Success After Sober-LivingThe journey of recovery is an incredibly personal one that will vary widely from person to person, and there’s no way to predict the amount of time you will need to stay at your sober living home. However, every sober living resident will eventually have to move out and on when they feel capable of living an independent life of sobriety.

Planning A Daily Routine

Routines and recovery often go together, and one of the most important things in recovery is structure, which means creating (and sticking to) a daily routine. The most successful routines involve scheduling activities throughout the day while paying extra attention to times when cravings and temptation might arise.

Growing Your Support Network

Surrounding yourself with a network of positive, well-intentioned people in your recovery journey is extremely beneficial in maintaining your sobriety. Moving on after sober living can be a lonely and scary time in your life, so it’s essential that you have support from your family members, sober peers, and friends.

Setting Goals And Marking Personal Progress

After you move out of your sober living home, taking the time to set realistic, obtainable goals is a great way to achieve personal success in your newly independent sober life. Setting goals will give you purpose, something to strive towards, and a reason to get up in the morning and do your best every day.

Avoiding Situations That Might Lead To Relapse

Once the reality sinks in that you are out on your own and are accountable for your own decisions, you may find yourself feeling susceptible to certain triggers or situations that make you want to drink or use again. Avoiding events that could trigger a relapse may seem difficult at the beginning of your sobriety journey, but you will find that as time goes on and you begin to adjust to your new sober lifestyle you will feel more confident in your ability to remain sober. Avoiding situations that might jeopardize your sobriety will become as simple as saying, ‘no.’

Finding Recovery Support Meetings

After you leave your sober living home it may become a more difficult process. To prepare for these changes, you may want to locate meetings that are nearby and that will mesh with your work schedule and any other responsibilities you may have at home. Attending meetings regularly is important in maintaining your sobriety and making it a priority to attend one or several meetings every week will help keep you on track.

A Sober Life Can Be Yours!

A life of sobriety can be better than you ever thought possible. It can be yours! Start your sober living at The Anthony House. Part of our mission is to find the right fit for your recovery. We provide you the necessary tools for structured living so you can return to a normal life. At The Anthony House, you will learn to use the tools that you are taught in treatment and meetings to build a foundation for a healthy, sober, and clean lifestyle. Contact us at (651) 334-2395 today, to schedule your tour!


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