Support For Your Loved One Battling Addiction

Mar 20, 2024 | Active Recovery, MASH, Men's Sober Living | 0 comments

Support For Your Loved One Battling AddictionWe all have an obligation to help others, whenever we can and however much we can. Sometimes, however, our lack of experience or expertise means that the best way we can help is to find someone else who has the experience and expertise to be more directly helpful. We call 911 when we witness a severe car accident because we most likely do not have the medical training or mechanical equipment in our own vehicles to, say, remove someone trapped in a car. In this case it is clear what to do – call for help. However, when a loved one struggles with addiction, it is not always as clear exactly how to help. The Anthony House is a resource for men who want to take steps toward sobriety and undestand living in a stable like minded enviorment for a period of time is the best next step. Connecting your loved one to our staff can be an excellent way to help.

Sober Living Community Focused On Personal Responsibility

We have the experience and training necessary to help our residents who desire a return to a life of sobriety. We have been there, and we understand not only the desire to be sober, but the dynamics that led to a lack of sobriety in the first place. The Anthony House is unique in many ways. Our rules do not impose a predetermined time limit on our residents. Without a predetermined limit on how long one can stay, our residents are more likely to achieve real sobriety before making the decision to end their time with us. Another unique quality of The Anthony House is our focus on personal responsibility and the importance of developing relationships with other residents.

We provide the necessary structure and sense of community that has often been missing from the lives of our residents, but we also balance that structure with amenities to make life comfortable and personal freedoms. Our emphasis on taking personal responsibility and the expectation that each resident attend regular meetings on site provides the basis for building a solid foundation during their stay at The Anthony House. Developing personal relationships occurs as a result of the structure we provide, but they come from each resident’s desire to live a more honest and sober life.

Find Long Lasting Sobriety

Learning about the experiences of other residents allows you to learn about your own personal dynamics. Dealing honestly with the truths of your life before you arrived at The Anthony House creates the potential for lasting sobriety. The Anthony House experience is largely determined by the residents, and when residents are committed to each other, they are more likely to see themselves as deserving of sobriety. Call us at 651-334-2395 to schedule a time for a tour of our sober living facility.


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