Finding A Community To Support Your Sobriety

Jul 31, 2023 | Sober Community, Sober Housing, Sober Relationships | 0 comments

Finding A Community To Support Your SobrietyFor men who are ready to more fully understand what led to their addictions, the Anthony House is an excellent place to begin the journey. Once that decision to make a positive shift of mentality and behavior has been made, it is often tempting to want to dive in and work ceaselessly until the problem is solved. The ‘all in’ mentality is common, if not universal, among people who have become addicted to substances, and the presence of such a personality trait is often used as a way of extracting oneself from addiction and regaining sobriety.

Minnesota Sober Living Community

Having a lot of energy for the pursuit of something that is both noble and necessary should be encouraged, of course, but it should also be managed. An ‘all in’ mentality tends to encourage exhaustion, which limits positive results and can lead to frustration. The Anthony House instead recommends a balanced approach to understanding addiction dynamics and the desire to regain sobriety. In other words, it is important to work hard at it, but it is also important to find balance in the effort.

That is why we supplement our program with comforts that all human beings need, including opportunities to spend time outside and to commune with the other residents informally. The men who spend time at the Anthony House certainly work hard to overcome addiction and regain sobriety, but they are also encouraged to remember that they are three dimensional human beings who are more than just their addictions. Spending time with other residents to keep the facility clean and in good order allows for the development of community, which adds a new and different energy into the more direct efforts that are aimed at understanding addiction and regaining sobriety.

Taking Steps To Put Addiction Behind You

Most of our residents understand the hellish nature of addiction, from the physical and psychological effects it has on them specifically, to the impact it has had on relationships with those who are closest to them. Regaining your sobriety should not have to mean being punished for your mistakes. It is for that reason that we work hard to help our residents feel comfortable and supported, to get to know each other on a deeper level whenever possible, and to create the kind of environment that encourages honest self-appraisal and personal responsibility. If you would like more information about the Anthony House and our approach to sobriety, call us at 651-334-2395.


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