Finding Life Long Freedom From Addiction

May 31, 2023 | Sober Community, Sober Housing, Sober Living | 0 comments

There is a lot to consider when it comes to why so many of us have such a difficult time taking necessary steps to finally overcome our addiction. One obvious reason we find it difficult is that we may believe we do not deserve to be free of our addiction. The other side of that coin is that it is possible that the freedom from addiction is scarier than the familiarity of the addiction itself. The greater truth is that it is not possible to assign a reason for the difficulty a specific individual has in overcoming addiction–it is likely that there is a different set of reasons for every individual. Whatever reasons have stopped you in the past, the Anthony House can help you come to deeper understanding and help you to finally overcome your addiction.

Finding Your Path To Continues Sobriety

We all are more comfortable with the familiar – and that can be part of addiction as well. It becomes a habit, something that we rely on to get us through a difficult period of time. Our staff has found that there are predictable patterns that manifest in the lives of men who become addicted. If you have tried, as most men with addictions have, to regain your sobriety and failed, you might have reached a conclusion that addiction is simply your lot in life. However, if you have begun to explore the possibilities associated with the Anthony House, then you are not resigned to a life of addiction, and there is still a chance of understanding the complex dynamics that led to your addiction and determining the pathway out of it.

Addiction Support And Sober Living Community In Minnesota

Freedom is an ideal, and it is an appealing one. But it can also be scary, in the sense that the realities associated with finally obtaining it almost always point to the hard work and sacrifices that must be made to obtain it. Fighting for freedom is hard work. But once you acknowledge the fact that you deserve freedom from addiction, the work becomes more valuable, and the hard work and sacrifices become more tolerable.

Freedom and familiarity are not always in opposition. The men who have earned their freedom from addiction at the Anthony House share their stories with their fellow residents, and it is almost always the case that others recognize themselves in some way in those stories. Hearing other men’s stories encourages empathy, not only for them, but for yourself.

If you are ready to work toward the freedom of sobriety, call us at 651-334-2395.


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