How Do I Know If I Need Help With Addiction?

Apr 10, 2023 | Drug & Alcohol Free, Men's Sober Living, Sober Living | 0 comments

How Do I Know If I Need Help With Addiction?We often hear that a person who suffers from an addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs cannot be helped until that person is ready to accept help. There is some truth in these kinds of statements. Often, the person who needs help seems to be the last person to recognize that help is needed. This can look like denial that there is even an issue with drugs or alcohol–the “I have it under control” argument. What may be less common, or maybe a less understood response because it tends to be obscured by statements of anger and hostility, is that the person who needs help believes he does not deserve help. The Anthony House has seen it all by now, and we have been able to help people who arrive at our facility with all different types of responses to their addiction. We also understand that by coming to our sober living community, the individual has some degree of recognition that they need help.

Strategies For Taking Steps Toward Sobriety

Sometimes, even the smallest acknowledgment that an individual needs help is enough to begin making progress. Overcoming the belief that he does not deserve to be helped is among the more challenging responses to regaining sobriety. The Anthony House is a service specifically for men who need help regaining their sobriety, and because the messages men receive from society can reinforce extremely negative internal dialogue, the belief that they do not deserve (or should not need) help is extremely common.

The use of substances provides temporary relief from negative internal dialogue, which always returns. Often when it returns, it reinforces the conclusion that he got himself into this mess and so he needs to live with the misery that accompanies it. The Anthony House believes differently, and the many men who arrived believing the same thing, but who emerged with their sobriety regained, would support the idea that coming to terms with the fact that everyone deserves a chance to live a healthy life is essential to regaining sobriety.

Sober Living Community For Men In Minnesota

If you are at a point in your addiction that is characterized by believing addiction is what you deserve, please give some consideration to what a very small part of you may be that knows you deserve better. If you consider that part of you, it may be enough to get you here. And when you do get here, you will find others who have been equally, or perhaps more, skeptical, but who nonetheless have made progress toward regaining their sobriety. Give us a call at 651-334-2395 to learn more about our Minnesota sober living communities for men. You deserve it.


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