Male Sober Living Community Without Mandatory Departure Time

Jun 30, 2021 | Sober Community, Sober Living, Sober Relationships | 0 comments

Male Sober Living Community Without Mandatory Departure TimeErnest Hemingway once said that we are all broken, and being broken is how the light gets in. For a wide variety of reasons, many of us make choices that not only continue to break us further, but we take active measures to prevent light from getting in. When those things happen and the complications include a lack, or a loss, of sobriety, The Anthony House can help. The Anthony House was started by our founder, Dan Maher, who went through his own period of difficulty, and then realized that he wanted to create a sober living community for men that could address needs not met by most other sober houses.

Achieve Long Term Sobriety At Your Own Pace

One important difference between The Anthony House (as well as Jake’s Place and Michael’s Place) and other sober living communities in the area is that we do not impose mandatory departure times on our residents. Without a mandatory, predetermined departure time, our residents tend to feel less pressure to resolve their issues too quickly. Maybe even worse than that is allowing a predetermined departure date to push someone who is working hard to regain their sobriety into falsely believing they have resolved those issues. The Anthony House is committed to doing everything possible so that our residents can experience real, sustainable, and positive change in their lives. An artificially determined departure time may help a sober home operate more efficiently, but it is likely to be at the cost of the genuine, long-term change achieved by the people who need it.

When a person is struggling to become sober, the process never fits conveniently into someone else’s timetable. That is why The Anthony House does not impose mandatory departure times. One person may require only a few days to realize the impact of his behavior on others; another person may get to the same conclusion but may require much longer to reach fuller understanding. Efficiency of operation is important for any kind of service, and efficiency does not need to be sacrificed in order to give men seeking sobriety the time and space needed to do so in a sustained way.

Sober Living Community Support

Rather than rush through the processes associated with taking responsibility for our choices, and thereby risking those changes not being permanent, we prefer to give our residents the time and space they need to come to a fuller understanding of how to become sober and stay that way. Call us at 651-334-2395 to learn more about our sober living community.


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