Sober Living Community With A Unique Approach

Dec 31, 2023 | Men's Sober Living, Sober Community, Sober Housing | 0 comments

Sober Living Community With A Unique ApproachThe Anthony House is changing the way sober living facilities operate. The differences between the way we provide our services and how other, more traditional sober living facilities offer their services are mostly subtle. But subtle differences can often be the difference between a successful stay characterized by progress and a stay that does not have its intended effect, namely sober and clean living. At Anthony House, the results our client’s have had speak for themselves

Staying Sober By Developing Discipline And Responsibility

The traditional method of serving people with issues related to alcohol and drug use involves applying strict rules and limitations on residents. It is, in many ways, an understandable response because what is so often at the core of alcohol and drug issues is a lack of discipline. At the Anthony House, however, we believe that it is possible, and even necessary, to instill in our residents not just a stronger sense of discipline, but the knowledge that one’s new sense of discipline is self-created. Simply imposing a rule on someone does not automatically translate to the adoption of the principles behind the rule. Our goal is to help our residents recognize the inherent value of becoming more disciplined, which can lead to sustained lifestyle changes. When such values are in place, it is more likely that the resident will successfully overcome the issues that led to alcohol and drug issues in the first place.

As a result, The Anthony House does not impose a mandatory exit date on our residents. Residents who need more time can take more time to thoroughly examine and reflect on the patterns of behavior that have manifested in drug and alcohol issues. We also encourage our residents to develop a sense of community with the other residents while they are here. Feeling connected to others helps to build a feeling of responsibility. Feeling some degree of responsibility for others means that one is less likely to indulge in self-centered behavior, which is of course closely associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Safe and Comfortable Sober Living Community In St Paul Area

Our residents are able to spend time outdoors on our beautiful grounds, relax in our comfortable facilities, and even cook their own meals in our kitchen. The Anthony House may not be your permanent home, but while you are here, there is no reason you cannot feel at home. Feeling comfortable in one’s surroundings encourages greater self-awareness, which is the cornerstone of making healthier and more responsible decisions.
If you would like more information about our approach or our facility, call us at 651-334-2395.


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