Sober Living in the 2024 New Year

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Sober Living in the 2024 New YearThe new year brings with it a unique set of opportunities and challenges. The start of a new year can be the start of a new beginning, but it can also be a time where stress is at an all time high. At The Anthony House we’ve put together a guide to help you maintain your sober lifestyle during the holidays and as we enter a new year!

Tips for Sober Living in the New Year

Below are several tips that can help you start the new year off right, focused on your sobriety.

Find a sober support system – Many times as individuals focus on their sobriety, they have to turn their backs on family and friends who may not be the best influences. This can feel lonely which is why it’s important to establish a sober support system you can actively participate in and learn from. At The Anthony House we focus on helping our residents establish strong relationships with others who are dealing with the same struggles on a daily basis.
Establish goals – There’s no better time to establish new goals than at the start of a new year. Having detailed but attainable goals can give you something to strive for and also provide progress to show you how much you’ve accomplished during your journey.
Avoid triggers – For most alcoholics or addicts there are certain triggers that can cause an individual to go back to abusing drugs and alcohol. Avoiding these triggers can help you to stay clean and live a more fulfilling life. Regular meetings and a sober living environment can help you to identify and avoid these triggers to help you stay on track during your sober living journey!
Try new hobbies – There can be plenty of fun things to do outside of drugs and alcohol. Try new sports or activities that can help show you there is life after drugs and alcohol. These new activities can help you keep your mind occupied and away from temptations that can lead you down an unsettling path.

Interested in Learning More About Sober Living Environments?

If you’re looking for a new start on life, the team at The Anthony House is here for you. We operate a number of sober living houses throughout Minnesota and we’d love to talk with you about the benefits of our approach to sobriety. We win when our residents win and we’d love to partner with you to help you live a life free of the constant stress and pressures that are common when struggling with addiction. To learn more about The Anthony House, contact one of our team members today by phone at 651-334-2395.


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