Strategies For Long-Term Sobriety

Nov 10, 2022 | Active Recovery, Drug & Alcohol Free, Men's Sober Living | 0 comments

Strategies For Long-Term SobrietyThe Anthony House helps men who are experiencing addiction regain their sobriety for the long term. Not all men whose lives have become dominated by substance abuse and addiction are lucky enough to have a service and facility like the Anthony House nearby. For those men who want to regain their sobriety and are located anywhere close to the Twin Cities, White Bear Lake, or Maplewood communities of Minnesota, the Anthony House is here to help.

We often hear about the damage that substance abuse does to relationships. We hear about these stories for good reason–substance abuse causes damage to all relationships. In fact, substance abuse can really only cause damage to relationships, and no relationship truly benefits from the presence of drugs or alcohol. This does not mean that good cannot come from the processes associated with overcoming the hold that substances can have over our lives. Nothing can be done to change the past, of course, but the past can be made to serve the present by addressing the causes and outcomes of the choices that have led to addiction.

Self-Healing And Repairing Relationships

It may be tempting to consider loved ones to be the starting point for relationship repair. Certainly, when a person who has decided to regain their sobriety moves in a more positive direction, communicating such a decision with loved ones is a positive step. But the most important relationship that must be repaired is the relationship the person has with himself. Addiction is often accompanied by feelings of self-loathing. Even if self-loathing was not present when the use of substances started, it is often present in the form of self-blame when the person realizes that his reliance on substances is the cause of so many related problems. The person often thinks, “I made bad choices when I began using substances, so now I deserve all the bad stuff that goes along with that.”

Unlearning these negative messages can be difficult and painful work. At the Anthony House, men who suffer not only from substance issues but also issues of self-loathing find that they are capable of making progress when they are in the presence of others who have been through it. The Anthony House is a sober living community that serves as a place for men to begin the healing process. The camaraderie of being with others who have similar experiences and who have seen the value of taking responsibility for their choices can be the difference for you. Call 651-334-2395 for more information about our sober living community.


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