Support For Men Battling Addiction

Dec 10, 2022 | Active Recovery, Drug & Alcohol Free, Men's Sober Living | 0 comments

Support For Men Battling AddictionIt can sometimes feel like society is sending a message that it does not care about people who are down and out, perhaps because of their own poor decision making, but often also because of just plain bad luck. There is a stigma associated with addiction that can come across as negative feelings and even judgment. However, there are support resources that work very hard to balance out these negative stigmas.

The Anthony House serves a specific subset of society–men whose lives have been negatively impacted by addiction–and we offer our expertise to help the men who choose to live for a period of time at one of our facilities to regain control of their lives by living a clean and sober life. Men who have battled addiction are often made to feel discarded by society, and this may occur as a result of the underlying value that pressures men to be strong and never in need of help from others. The reality, however, is very different. Men may operate as though they believe that they are capable of living successfully without the help of others, but they do so at our own peril. And ‘peril’ can be exactly what we face if that belief is combined with a reliance on substances.

Sober Living Community Just For Men

The Anthony House exists for the purpose of being a place of support for men who are taking an important step in recovering their sobriety. Often, the greatest way to heal and achieve sobriety comes when you meet other men just like you at The Anthony House. To be in the presence of other men who have experienced what you are now experiencing means that you have a greater chance of being understood. Of course, when you feel understood, you are also likely to feel the expectation of being completely honest. If you are not being honest, our residents will hold you accountable and help you understand that is not the optimal path to sobriety.

A cornerstone belief of The Anthony House is personal responsibility which is, of course, built on honesty. Time spent at our facility involves caring for the facility, and our residents are expected to perform the tasks that keep the facility neat, clean, and welcoming. That work, simple though it may be, offers our residents a sense of purpose and creates further opportunities for connections to form among the men who stay here.

The Anthony House successfully helps our residents regain their sobriety and we help you realize your potential as a valued member of society. If you are ready to take that next step, call us at 612-719-4137.


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