The Power Of Community When Battling Addiction

Mar 31, 2023 | Men's Sober Living, Sober Community, Sober Living, Sober Relationships | 0 comments

The Power Of Community When Battling AddictionAddiction refers to the chemical and psychological reliance an individual has on a substance, most often alcohol or other drugs. The body becomes addicted to the substance, and behaviors develop to serve the addiction. The Anthony House is a sober living facility based in Minnesota that serves men as they work to regain their sobriety. Very often a person struggling with addiction tries to distance from responsibility over their behaviors. When someone or something else is responsible for our addiction, we have a convenient reason to continue engaging in unhealthy behavior.

The Role Of Personal Responsibility In Regaining Sobriety

The Anthony House is a place where responsibility is central to regaining sobriety. One of the reasons for our great success in helping so many men recover from addiction is our focus on issues related to personal responsibility. One of the most powerful aspects of our work comes from being surrounded by other men who know the dynamics that led to their own loss of sobriety. Our residents are encouraged to share insights with other residents to build this sense of accountability. In other words, people who have been through what you are going through will be honest with you about the causes and effects of addiction. Making excuses for one’s behavior gets one no closer to sobriety.

But just as it is important to not rely on excuses, it is equally important to be honest and realistic about your own experience of addiction. Responsibility and self-punishment must be in balance, and the temptation for many new residents is to focus on punishing themselves for mistakes they made and the impact that their addictions have had on people they love. There is no doubt that coming to terms with addiction, and committing yourself to regaining your sobriety, can be painful and very hard work. But just as addiction to substances can spiral out of control, so too can the desire to punish yourself.

Importance Of Support And Community In Addiction Recovery

One of the most valuable aspects of the experience of men who reside at the Anthony House is that they help others find a good balance between responsibility, accountability, and self-punishing behavior. Our residents support one another because they know how important it was to be supported when they first arrived at the Anthony House.

If you are ready to take positive steps toward regaining your sobriety, call us at 651-334-2395 for more information about our sober living community for men.


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