A Unique Sober Living Community

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A Unique Sober Living Community | Male Sober Housing in MinnesotaIt is safe to say that most people who are considering taking steps toward living a cleaner and more sober life may have images in their minds of the types of facilities that provide those services.  It is also safe to say that those images probably include sterile surroundings with strict rules that amount to a constant threat of punishment for not following the facility’s policies to the letter.  The Anthony House has been successful in helping men gain clean living and sobriety by being different from most of those sober living facilities.

The Importance of the First Step toward Sober Living

The Anthony House focuses on discipline instead of punishment.  We have rules, of course, but we also make the assumption that the men who have taken this important step because they are ready to take responsibility, ready to follow a different path on the road to sobriety. Making the decision to enter a sober living facility is a strong indicator of strength and responsibility.  When men come to The Anthony House with a strong sense of responsibility, there is no need to communicate the threat of punishment.  Taking responsibility for the factors that led to issues with drugs and/or alcohol is a sign that you are ready for living a clean and sober life, and we want to help you build on that success.

Though The Anthony House is not just like your home, it is not like your traditional image of a sober living facility. The outdoor surroundings are beautiful and peaceful, and they allow for thoughtful reflection in a natural backdrop.  The Anthony House also provides creature comforts to help you feel more comfortable while you are here.  Our kitchens are always fully stocked and, during down time, the men who spend time here can relax and enjoy programs on cable TV.  We also offer internet and phone connections to reduce feelings of potential isolation for our clients.

Clean, Comfortable and Supportive Sober Living Community in MN

The amenities we offer provide a measure of physical comfort, which allows you to feel more ready to make connections with the other men who come to The Anthony House.  It is common, in fact, for the people whose time overlaps to form deep, meaningful, and healing relationships.  The desire to live a clean and sober life is a powerful point of connection.  Though establishing good relationships with others at The Anthony House is not required and cannot be guaranteed, sharing the desire to live a clean and sober life is a characteristic our visitors share. If you would like to learn more about our unique facility, call us at 651-334-2395.


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