Understanding The Impact Of Addiction

Jan 31, 2024 | Active Recovery, Drug & Alcohol Free, Sober Community | 0 comments

Understanding The Impact Of AddictionOur society tends to throw the word ‘addiction’ around a lot. We may hear our friends say, “I’m addicted to my morning coffee” or “I’m addicted to [fill in the blank with a favorite TV show].” But there are consequences to using words with so little care. In a very real sense, society’s inattentive use of the various forms of ‘addiction’ have led to our not understanding just how damaging and destructive addiction to drugs and alcohol can be. The Anthony House, and our staff understands the full impact of addiction, and we work to help your residents regain their health, the important relationships in their lives, and their place in a society.

The Progression Of Addiction

Drug and alcohol abuse often leads to behaviors that have negative consequences. What may start as recreational use can gradually become something far more serious. That gradual progression is potentially misleading, however. Some people who begin using drugs or alcohol in a recreational way can be blindsided by how fast that gradual progression occurs. What starts off as recreational can become problematic in what feels like no time.

Part of the healing process is learning about how our perceptions of time can be altered by the abuse of alcohol and/or drugs. It is not uncommon for our residents to relate their stories as evidence that, before they knew it, recreational use became dependence, and dependence quickly transformed into addiction. Addiction, of course, manifests in physical reliance on the substance to which the person is addicted. That is the physiological and psychological aspect of addiction. The Anthony House is also able to help our residents with the other aspects of addiction, specifically how addiction damages personal relationships.

Moving Forward After Addiction

Our residents are encouraged to take responsibility for the impact of their addiction on the people who are closest to them. We empower them with our experience, and we work to create a positive, healthy dynamic among all residents so that you can benefit from the experiences and insights that they have gained on their own unique journeys.

When our residents realize that they are in an environment with individuals who understand what they are going through, the healing process truly begins. For real healing to take place, the person with the substance issue must take responsibility for his actions and also understand that responsibility occurs not by external judgment, but through internal processes. Call us at 651-334-2395 for more information about our sober living community.


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